Counseling for top UG admissions end within a week or two after declaration of results. It is very confusing for students & parents to chose the best college or branch within given time slots.
Team Bharti has over 20 years of experience in educational counseling and we analyze your requirement, thereby helping students & parents to select the best college as per your rank.
Frequent Changes in Cut-offs & Counseling rule at every stage
As its evident, You can't best college until you have done thorough study of last 5 years trend. Cut offs keep changing & rules keep updating.
Team Bharti has a vast knowledge repository of counseling cut off of the past 15 - 20 yrs . We have a dynamic support team to monitor even last minute changes in counseling/ cut off rules.
Information available on internet is not in a standardize way and not every source is as reliable to be blindly believed. Team Bharti filters & removes all the dispensable information for healthy counseling.
Your rank decides your college. Not all Government colleges are good and not all private colleges are bad. College Ranking depends upon a lot of factors. Team Bharti helps you analyze all those factors before finalizing on one single college.
Team Bharti acquires Research & Knowledge from various Resource to accumulate desired data to process information for students that is used in counseling process & distinctively distinguish between whats been showed and what is the truth exactly.
In past few years it has been observed that the counseling dates of some of the most important examinations overlaps
As soon as you register with team Bharti, we analyze your performance in terms of exams appeared, educational & financial background & expectation of dream colleges. 
Our team will suggest you to attend the counseling in which you will get the information required to find the best course or college. 
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